5 Benefits of an Ecosystem Pond

Today we are going to be outlining the environmental benefits of installing an ecosystem pond.

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We’ll take a closer look at what an ecosystem pond is and the great benefits that come along with owning one. So, let’s get started!



Discover the great benefits of an ecosystem pond


5 Benefits of an Ecosystem Pond

1. An Ecosystem Pond Is Easy to Maintain

An ecosystem pond is a small geographic area that contains living organisms such as plants, animals and microbes as well as non-living parts such as rocks, gravel, water, soil and air. These components interact with each other to form their own little “bubble of life”. When planned out and set up properly, ecosystem ponds can create a complete, low-maintenance system that works together with nature to provide food, shelter, and safety to the wildlife and plants that lives in and around them.

There are 5 key elements that need to be present and working together to maintain a healthy and thriving ecosystem pond. They include a filtration system, a recirculating system, aquatic plants, rocks and gravel, and fish. The most common problem occurring to upset the balance of ecosystem ponds is having too much algae.

Each of these 5 elements play an equally important role in keeping your ecosystem balanced and your algae levels under control. Together these 5 elements can help you maintain a naturally balanced ecosystem without the need for over-filtering or adding large amounts of chemicals to your pond which makes them easier to maintain than a swimming pool.



An ecosystem pond is relatively low maintenance


2. An Ecosystem Pond Helps Local Wildlife

When you put a pond on your property, you will not only be adding to the beauty of your landscape, but you will also be supporting your local wildlife. Adding fish to your pond will help to maintain the balance of your pond’s ecosystem. They eat algae which effectively reduces its growth and they also bottom feed to keep your ponds floor clean.

As your fish swim around your pond, they will help to stir up the water so that it can flow into your filters. In addition, they are relatively easy-to-care for pets and are quite beautiful to watch.

But fish aren’t the only wildlife that will help to benefit your pond. Dragonflies, frogs, and birds will also find refuge and make your pond their home; this is a good thing. Baby frogs and toads will feed on your algae to help keep it down and adult frogs, birds, and dragonflies will feast on the insects including mosquitoes, thus controlling their numbers.



Adding fish to your pond will help to control algae and keep it clean


3. An Ecosystem Pond Can Help You Conserve Water

Installing an ecosystem pond is a great way to conserve water. You pond will naturally collect rainwater similar to a rain barrel. If you would normally use a sprinkler attached to your garden hose to water your lawn, you can instead use the water in your pond to keep it green and healthy all summer long.

If you have other flower beds or a vegetable garden, you can also use the water from your pond to water them. Simply dip a watering can into your pond and water away. Using your pond water to do your outside watering will not only be good for the environment, but it will also help you cut down on costly water bills throughout the summer months.

In addition, the plants that grow in and around your pond water themselves from the water in your pond, so they require much less maintenance than other plants.



Your pond will collect rainwater and help your cut down on your water usage


4. An Ecosystem Pond Is a Great Alternative to a Swimming Pool

You can design your pond so that it has one area for vegetation and another area for swimming and paddling. The biggest advantage to using an ecosystem pond for swimming is that, as we already said, it practically cleans itself without using added chemicals. You simply will want to skim off any surface debris before you go swimming.

You also don’t have to be constantly testing the water and you won’t have to cover it during the winter. In fact, you could use your pond as an ice rink when it freezes over to extend your family fun all year long.


Use your pond as an ice rink during the winter months


5. An Ecosystem Pond Develops Environmental Awareness

Having your own ecosystem pond can help you and your family develop a greater awareness and appreciation of your environment. A pond will help you and your children learn firsthand about how natural ecosystems work.

If possible, include your children in the planning and building of your pond as well as its maintenance. Children who grow up helping to tend to the ecosystem will better understand how important it is to look after and protect the environment.


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