You have questions, and we have answers!

What's the deal with string algae—can't we all just get along?

Nature's got your back here. Balance your pond with the right plants, beneficial bacteria, and a little manual removal when needed, and algae will have to find a new place to crash.

How do I keep my pond water crystal clear?

It's all about the ecosystem! With the right combo of plants, fish, aeration, and natural bacteria, your pond stays clear naturally—like a mountain spring in your yard.

Can I add a waterfall to my existing pond?

Absolutely, waterfalls are like the cherry on top for ponds. They add oxygen, movement, and that soothing sound of running water. An Aquascape pro can help make it happen.

Is it hard to maintain a pond ecosystem?

Not at all! With the Aquascape system, it's like having nature do the heavy lifting. A little upkeep from you, and the ecosystem does the rest.

Do I need to bring my fish indoors for winter?

If your pond's deep enough and you've got a heater to keep a hole open in the ice, your fish can enjoy their winter water wonderland outdoors.

How often should I clean my pond filters?

Give them a checkup every so often, but they're designed to be low maintenance. It's like a self-cleaning oven, but for water.

Can I have a pond even if I have a small yard?

Size doesn't matter here! Aquascape designs can fit into even the coziest of spaces, bringing a splash of the wild to the smallest backyards.

What's the best time of year to install a pond?

Spring and fall are great for pond planting, but really, anytime you're ready to dive into pond life is the best time.

How do I protect my pond from predators?

A little strategy goes a long way—like plants for hiding, nets for covering, and maybe a scarecrow or decoy to keep watch.

Can I have a pond if I have kids?

Ponds are fantastic for families! They're a great way to teach kids about nature, and with some simple safety measures, they can be a joyful addition to any family yard.

What kind of plants should I put in my pond?

Think of your pond as a garden that loves to swim. Aquatic plants like water lilies, lotus, and irises are not only beautiful but help keep the ecosystem in balance.

Will my new pond be a mosquito magnet?

No buzzing here! A well-designed Aquascape pond keeps water moving and fish feasting, which means mosquitoes will have to party elsewhere.

What kind of magic potion keeps swim ponds clean if not chlorine?

No potions here! Swim ponds use the natural cleaning power of plants and friendly bacteria to keep the water sparkling.

How much should I feed my fish?

Less is more! Give them enough to gobble up in a three-minute feast, and you'll keep both your fish and your water crystal clear.

Help! My pond is leaking!

Relax, we're on it! Most leaks are sneaky, often at the waterfall or fountain. Try the 24 Hour Test: turn off the pump, top up the pond, and watch the water level for a day. No drop with the pump off? Your pond liner's fine. Next, eye those usual suspects – your waterfall, stream, or fountain.

Does my pond need to be 4 feet deep to have koi fish?

Nope, not always! A 4-foot depth is great for koi – lots of swimming space and safe from predators and cold snaps. But, koi can still flourish in shallower digs. Aim for at least 2 feet to keep your koi comfy and healthy.

Why do you charge a consultation fee?

We're all about crafting that ideal backyard masterpiece. Our consultation fee? It's just our way of connecting with serious dreamers like you. Think of it as investing in a bit of professional magic – it's what lets us keep sprinkling creative charm in your outdoor spaces. Most folks find the value way beyond the fee, and we can't wait to show you why!

What does a pond or water feature cost?

We often get asked, "How much for a pro water feature?" Great news: we've got a variety to fit every taste and budget – from ecosystem ponds to swim ponds, sleek pondless waterfalls, cute fountainscapes, and even cool rainwater harvesting systems. Want the full scoop on prices? Check out our Ponds & Waterfalls page or give us a shout. We're super keen to help make your water feature wishes come true!