Let us take care of your pond cleaning and maintenance as the weather gets better!


Ready to roll up your sleeves for a spring pond spruce-up? Just tap in your details below and hit send. As soon as the ice waves goodbye, we’ll be in touch to pencil in your pond’s spa day, with all the nitty-gritty details and pricing you need.

At Clearwater Creations, we’re not afraid to get our hands mucky for the sake of your pond’s sparkle! We’ll lovingly escort your fish to a cozy, temporary abode while we give your pond a full makeover. We’re talking pressure washing, rinsing, and a good old vacuum, followed by a trim and feed for your plants, a once-over for your lights, a new rock ‘n’ gravel layout, and of course, setting up that waterfall pump for the grand finale. Get ready for your pond to be the envy of the neighborhood!

SPRING CLEANING & MAINTENANCE PACKAGES Book & Prepay by March 31st and get 10% off!

Complete Water Draining & Cleaning

Clean Biological & Mechanical Filter

Check Lights for Proper Functionality

Clean and Reconnect Pump for the Season

Detoxify Water for Safety of Fish & Plants

Acclimate Pond Fish Back into Pond

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