Ecosystem Ponds

Enjoy a piece of sustainable nature just a few steps from your door.


Ecosystem Ponds in Ontario

Imagine turning your backyard into a slice of natural paradise with an ecosystem pond. It’s like nature’s own art piece, tailored just for you and your space. Think peace, think comfort, all just steps away.

These ponds are all about going with nature’s flow, creating a perfect harmony of plants, fish, friendly bacteria, and more. It’s like hosting a nature party in your yard! Plus, they’re eco-heroes, drawing in birds and bugs to boost local biodiversity. And those aquatic plants? They’re nature’s cleanup crew, keeping your water sparkly clean and clear.

You can finance your ecosystem pond with no interest and no payments for 6 months! Learn more about your financing options below.


All Ecosystem package ponds come complete with:

  • Premium Moss Rockery
  • Riverstone
  • EPDM Rubber Liner
  • Heavy-Duty Underlay
  • Biological Filters
  • Mechanical Filters
  • LED Lighting
  • Energy Efficient Pump
  • Aerator
  • Mulch
  • Moss
  • Natural Wood Elements
  • Aquatic & Garden Berm Perrenials

OUR APPROACH 5 Key Elements to Our Ecosystem Ponds


  • We’ll chat with you over the phone about what you’re looking to create
  • You send us some pictures of types of ponds & backyards that inspire you
  • We’ll come out to your property and plan out your dream pond together

PACKAGES Luxury, eco-friendly backyard ponds starting at $18,999

Wildlife Retreat$18,999

An 8’ x 10’ Ecosystem Pond with 18" inch high waterfall

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Cottage Charm$29,499

An 11’ x 16’ Ecosystem Pond with a 6’ long cascading stream and falls

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Tranquil Oasis$49,999

A 16’ x 22’ Ecosystem Pond with a 10’ long cascading stream and falls

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No Payments & No Interest for 6 Months!

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