Small decorative pieces that add a peaceful atmosphere to any outdoor space.


Backyard water features and fountainscapes in Ontario from Clearwater Creations

Decorative Fountainscapes are like the cool, low-maintenance cousin of the Disappearing Waterfall. They bring all the zen vibes of flowing water right to your landscape or patio, minus the upkeep of a traditional waterfall or pond. Think of them as standalone water wonders, perfect for decking out your deck, patio, lawn, or flower garden.

Not only do they jazz up your existing outdoor space, but they’re also super kid-friendly with no open water to worry about. Plus, these Disappearing Fountains are energy-saving superstars and practically maintenance-free. Looking for an easy-peasy intro to water features? You’ve just found it!

You can finance your decorative fountainscape with no interest and no payments for 6 months! Learn more about your financing options below.


  • We’ll chat with you over the phone about what you’re looking to create
  • You send us some pictures of types of ponds & backyards that inspire you
  • We’ll come out to your property and plan out your dream pond together

OUR APPROACH Learn how we create easy container water features

Decorative water features bring the beauty of water to your landscape with minimal commitment and cost. Let Clearwater Creations help you create the perfect starter garden for your space. They can incorporate the same features of a large scale pond including fountains, fish, and plants.

PACKAGES Easy, beginner garden water features starting at $5,499

Spillway Bowls$9,499

Spillway Bowl and Basin

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Stacked Slate Urn Trio$19,999

Set of 3 Natural Mongolian Basalt Columns

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Slate Sphere$5,499

Small Stacked Slate Urn

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