Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Sustainable rainwater collection right in your own backyard!


Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Ever heard of an Aquascape Rainwater Harvesting System? It’s like hitting the eco-friendly jackpot in your own backyard! This system is all about catching and reusing the rain. Think of it as nature’s way of saying, ‘Hey, let’s save some water for a sunny day!’

It’s super simple: the rain falls, we catch it, and then – here’s the cool part – you get to use it to water your garden, top up your pond, or even wash your car. It’s like having your own personal reservoir, but way cooler and more earth-friendly.

And the best part? It’s a total win-win for you and the planet. You save on your water bill, and Mother Nature gets a high-five for sustainability. Talk about making a splash with saving water!

You can finance your rainwater harvesting system with no interest and no payments for 6 months! Learn more about your financing options below.


If you’re still unsure about getting a rainwater harvesting system, check out these statistics:

  • One inch of rain on a 2,000 sq. ft. roof produces 1,250 gallons for reuse
  • A 2,000 sq. ft. roof in a 30-inch rainfall area produces 41,000 gallons of reusable water
  • The average home with a 10,000 sq. ft. lot uses 3,000 gallons of water weekly on their lawn
  • A sprinkler can use up to 500 gallons in 2 hours
  • 70% of water used at home is used outdoors
  • Households use 66,175 gallons annually

OUR APPROACH Learn about our approach to sustainability

Clearwater Creations is committed to an organic approach in water gardening, drawing inspiration directly from nature itself. Our design philosophy is based around on emulating and reconstructing environments that function just as they would in the wild.

Water circulation, filtration, pond fish & plants, rocks and gravel are all used to create a balanced ecosystem and long-term sustainability. Check out the video for more information on rainwater harvesting systems.


  • We’ll chat with you over the phone about what you’re looking to create
  • You send us some pictures of types of ponds & backyards that inspire you
  • We’ll come out to your property and plan out your dream pond together


Aquascape’s Rainwater Harvesting System is a sustainable rainwater harvesting solution for home owners. Its modular design provides a level of flexibility that allows you to construct a system based on your needs and the constraints of your property.

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