Small Pond Repairs and Renovations

Today we are going to some small pond repairs that you can do if you are having a problem with your pond.

At ClearWater Creations, we have been helping homeowners install and maintain ponds and water features since 2011 – and we’d love to share our experience and expertise with you!

Now, let’s get started and discover why your pond may be leaking and what to do about it.





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Small Pond Repairs and Renovations

Once spring and summer are in full-swing and the cold winter has finally thawed away, you may notice a slight drop in your water level. Is this something that you should be concerned about.

Once you understand the basic principles of pond leaks and small pond repairs, you’ll be able to identify and fix your problem quickly and efficiently. If you have a larger problem that you are unable to deal with yourself, you can contact the pond professionals at Clearwater to help you. 


You May Just Be Losing Water Due to Evaporation

So how do you know whether your pond is leaking water or if it is merely evaporating out naturally. There are a few factors that you need to take into consideration when determining whether your lower level is due to evaporation.

1. Your Region and the Time of Year Can Affect Evaporation: The region that you live in and the type of temperatures that region experiences will affect the amount of evaporation you have. In addition, you will also have more water evaporation during the spring and summer months when the temperatures are warmer



Small Pond Repairs: Warmer climates will have more evaporation


Moderate Temperatures & High Humidity: If you live in a area that has moderate temperatures and high humidity, you can expect that you pond water levels will lower anywhere from one to one and a half inches of water per week during the spring and summer months. Usually this rate of evaporation will be replaced by natural rainfall.

Higher Temperatures & Low Humidity: If your area has higher temperatures and low humidity, then you could experience as much as three inches or more of evaporation per week.


2. Your Waterfall Can Affect Evaporation: The size of your waterfall will also affect the amount of evaporation that you have. This is because the moving and splashing water from the waterfall is more exposed and therefore more susceptible to evaporation than standing water is. If your pond is quite large, 15′ by 20′, then you probably wouldn’t even notice that evaporation at all.



Small Pond Repairs: The size of your waterfall will also affect the amount of evaporation that you have.


*Note: Evaporation is a slower process. If you fill up your pond in the evening and then the next day the water levels have gone down 5-8 inches or more, then you can be sure that your problem is not evaporation. You probably have a leak somewhere.


The Edges of Your Pond May Be Lower than They Should Be

Over time, or over the winter, your pond edges can start to settle. This settling can mean that you have lower edges where water can start to leak out from. This is more common with newer ponds.

Look for Lower Edges Around Your Stream and Waterfall: Often you will find lower edges around your stream or waterfall. This is because the areas around these features are usually built up during construction using soil that was removed when digging out your pond. These areas are more likely to start settling over time and cause lower edge.

Look for Lower Edges Around Your Perimeter: You may also experience settling around the perimeter of your pond. Carefully inspect all around the edges of your pond to see if any of the dirt has settled, creating a low spot that is allowing water to escape over your liner.

Signs of Leakage: Some tell-tale signs of leakage that you want to look for during your inspection are:

  • Wet mulch

  • Wet gravel

  • Muddy areas

  • Small pools of water

Small Pond Repairs for Low Edges: Once you discover where your lower edge is, you can easily stop water from escaping over the edge by doing the following:

  • Lift the liner up where the lower edge is

  • Pile up up some soil underneath the liner to make the edge higher

  • Your leak will be fixed!



Small pond repairs: Check around the edges of your pond for signs of leakage


You Are Losing Water Due to Excessive Splashing

You may also be losing excessive water our of your pond due to excessive splashing, not from your kids or pets jumping into your pond, but from your waterfall. Water cascading down your waterfall may be hitting rocks and being diverted out of your pond instead of back into it.

Small Pond Repairs for Splash Leaks: This is also a simple fix. Merely adjust a few of the rocks underneath your waterfall to re-direct the splashes so that they fall back into your pond and not outside of it.



Small Pond Repairs: You may be losing water due to excessive splashing


Obstructions May Be Causing Your Water to Escape

There are several different types of obstructions that can restrict the flow of water in your pond and divert it over the edge of your liner. These include:

Small Pond Repairs for Obstructions: Take a look at your pond for anything that is obstructing and diverting the flow of your water. You may need to adjust rocks, trim back your plants, or pull out excess algae by hand in order to stop the diversion.


pond cleanout [Copy 40641528].png

You may have to cut back plants if they become an obstruciton


You May Have a Leak in Your Pond Liner

If you have tried all of the above, then you may have a leak in your liner. To find out where your leak is, take the following steps:

Step 1: Fill you pond up to the appropriate level
Step 2: Unplug your pump and let your pond sit for 24 hours
Step 3: If your water level drops, then you know that you have a leak in your liner.
Step 4: Let the water level in your pond continue to drop. Once the level stops dropping then you will know that your leak is located at that level.
Step 5: Look around the perimeter of your pond at the areas where the water level has stopped lowering. You may wish to contact a professional at this point to repair your leak, or if you prefer to do it yourself, you can continue with the remaining steps.

Small Pond Repairs for Liner Leaks:
Step 1: Remove any rocks located around the perimeter of your pond at the level where your water stopped dropping and look to see if there is a puncture or hole in the liner at that spot.
Step 2: If you find the puncture, then you can repair it using a self-adhesive EPDM Liner Patch.
Step 3: Replace any rocks that you removed and fill your pond back up to its appropriate level.



If you have a leak in your liner you will need to get it repaired


Your Pipe, Plumbing Fittings, Pump or Faceplate Might Be Leaking

If you have turned your pump off for 24 hours and the water level doesn’t go down, then the problem could be with your pipe, plumbing fittings or pump. Take a closer look around these parts to see if you have any signs of leaking.

If you have a faceplate for your skimmer then it could also be the problem. If the water level has dropped just to the bottom of the faceplate then it may not have been sealed correctly.

Small Pond Repairs For Your Pipe, Plumbing Fittings, Pump or Faceplate: Fixing these types of leaks can be a bit more challenging. If you don’t know how to fix leaks around your pipe, plumbing fittings, pump or faceplace, then you can contact a professional to help you.


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