Natural Swimming Pools

Natural Swimming Pools are a beautiful, chemical-free alternative to traditional pools.


Natural Swimming Pools in Ontario

Stepping into a traditional swimming pool can often feel less like leisure and more like a task, with its constant need for chemicals and upkeep. And let’s face it – the usual rectangular design can be pretty uninspiring.

Enter the natural swimming pool – a refreshing alternative that transforms your swimming experience. It’s more than just a pool; it’s a stunning, eco-friendly oasis right in your backyard. These pools offer a safe, enjoyable swimming space for your family, while also elevating the beauty of your property.

But the real magic lies in their natural filtration. Working hand-in-hand with Mother Nature, these pools use a specialized wetland filter and intake bay system, creating a self-cleaning ecosystem. This means your pool is not only breathtakingly beautiful but also incredibly low maintenance. Dive into crystal-clear waters and immerse yourself in nature’s embrace – that’s the charm of a natural swimming pool.

The Benefits Of
Natural Swimming Pools

Find out why natural swimming pools are quickly becoming a favourite of homeowners everywhere

  • Natural filtration – no chemicals
  • Natural swimming pool liners don’t need replacements
  • Adds a natural layer of beauty to your property
  • A safe option for families, pets & wildlife
  • Easy to customize to your tastes & needs

OUR APPROACH Learn how we create the perfect natural swimming pool

We build every natural swimming pool to ensure it maintains optimal water quality throughout the year. A high-quality water filtration system keeps your pond safe to swim in. Unlike traditional pools, natural swimming pools don’t require chemicals to keep the water clean.

For more information about how our natural swimming pools work with Mother Nature to keep everything perfectly filtered and clean, check out the video on Aquascape’s Wetland Filtration systems!

Our Process to Create your natural swimming pool

  • We’ll chat with you over the phone about what kind of natural swimming pool you’re looking for and how we can help implement it
  • You send us photos of natural swimming pools that inspire you and that you’d love to have in your backyard
  • We’ll come out to your property and plan out your natural swimming pool together

Natural Swimming
Pool PACKAGES Eco-Friendly. No Chemicals Required. Starting at $95,999

Durham Region, Ontario natural swimming ponds

Lakeside Retreat $95,999

25′ x 20′ x 4′ max depth plus 3′ high custom cascading waterfall

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Nature’s Escape $199,000

25′ x 40′ x 6′ max depth plus 4′ high custom cascading waterfall

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