Pondless WaterfallS

Enjoy the sights & sounds of running water without the maintenance of a pond.


Pondless waterfalls are like magic – all the waterfall or stream vibes you love, but without a pond in sight. It’s the chill of running water without the fuss of upkeep.

Super popular among our water wonders, the Pondless Disappearing Waterfall is perfect if you’re craving that water melody but aren’t keen on a full-blown pond or water garden.

And hey, if you’re tight on space or have little ones running around, this style is a total win. It’s like having a piece of a tranquil stream, no pond needed!

You can finance your pondless waterfall with no interest and no payments for 6 months! Learn more about your financing options below.


All pondless waterfall packages come with:

  • Signature Mossy Rock
  • Riverstone
  • 45 EPDM Liner
  • Commercial Underlay
  • Energy Efficient Pumps
  • LED Lighting
  • Aquablocks
  • Pump Vault
  • Natural Wood Elements
  • Moss Elements
  • Mulch
  • Aquatic & Garden Berm Perrenials

WHY CHOOSE A PONDLESS WATERFALL? Find out why homeowners are choosing pondless waterfalls.

  • Safety: No pool of water makes it a great option for those with small children.
  • Space: Their small size fits perfectly anywhere on your property.
  • Cost: Pondless waterfalls use less materials than ponds and therefore cost less.
  • Maintenance: The upkeep on a pondless waterfall is minimal compared to a pond.


  • We’ll chat with you over the phone about what you’re looking to create
  • You send us some pictures of types of ponds & backyards that inspire you
  • We’ll come out to your property and plan out your dream pond together

PACKAGES Gorgeous & tranquil pondless waterfalls starting at $12,999

Serenity Streams$12,999

6' Meandering Stream

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Cascading Symphony$19,995

12' Stream and Falls

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Riverside Retreat$29,999

20' Cascading Stream and Falls

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